Contemplation--for this author--is focused, humble, faith-filled pondering on God’s word in God’s presence about God’s character.  Such focused mental effort could take place for any period of time.  There is no practical outcome expected except to know God better as a person. 

As this is a Christian Spiritual Discipline, the attributes regarding God’s character are taken from the Scriptures with preference given to where the Scriptures say that God  himself spoke about his character or where Jesus spoke about God the Father’s character or by inference his own character. 

For example, Jesus said: “I am meek and humble of heart.”  Therefore, by inference, God is meek and humble of heart.

Contemplation and Having the Mind of Christ:

“Have the same mind in you as was in Christ Jesus.” [Ph 2:5] To have Christ-like mindfulness requires having thoughts about who God is as a person that are like unto those that Christ had about God as a relational person.


Start contemplating now, today:

Spend time in focused contemplation on the revelation that “God is a loving and caring father.” Contemplate on this one aspect of God’s character.  Reject any thought contrary to this truth as a lie.   Note your self-talk as you focus your mind for one to ten minutes on the truth that God, the almighty, eternal  Creator, God, is your loving and caring Father. 

Do this daily—a few times morning, afternoon and evening—for ten days and, by the Holy Spirit, you will discover yourself changed.  God has begun your  intentional transformation unto Christ-like thinking, in that Jesus always thought about God as his caring, trustworthy and loving Father.

Just do it! Do it humbly and discern for yourself.


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