Meditation--for this author--is focused, humble, faith-filled pondering on God’s word in God’s presence about God’s will for your thoughts, words, and actions. Such focused mental effort could take place for any period of time.    However, there is a series of ongoing,  practical outcomes that expected to become visible or manifest in one’s behavior. 

As this is a Christian Spiritual Discipline, God’s will for your thoughts, words and actions--the outcomes--are taken from the Scriptures with preference given to where the Scriptures converge or where Jesus is explicit about what is expected of his disciples.

For example, Jesus said that his disciples will be known by their—tangible, visible and identifiable—love for one another and for their enemies and also by the good fruit that they produce. Therefore, the requirements of love as in 1 Corinthians are standard that we must live buy or we sin against Love, against God and neighbor and self.

Now Love Is: always patient, always kind, never arrogant, never boastful, never rude, never insists on its own way, never irritable, never resentful, rejoices not in wrongdoing, rejoices in the truth, bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails and never ends.     [1 Cor 13:4-8]  

Now the Fruit of the Holy Spirit Is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  [Gal  5:22] 

Meditation and Having the Mind of Christ

            “Have the same mind in you as was 
                        in Christ Jesus.” [Ph 2:5] 

To have Christ-like mindfulness requires not just calling Jesus, “Lord, Lord” or God, “Father,” but in doing all that Jesus commanded. 

For example, do not worry, do not lust, do not boast and brag about anything, regulate your anger always--be angry but do not sin.

Growth in the knowledge of what God requires of you creates an awareness of your undisciplined, blink-like, self-talk.  That awareness of temptation and sin is necessary if you, in Christ, are to master your pervasive, evasive, and often destructive mental chatter and to channel your emotional processes to their proper and beneficial purposes as God intended and Jesus instructs us in the gospels. 

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