Getting to Know God

O holy and humble Spirit, make my heart meek and humble like Jesus’ so that I will be attentive to others and be enabled to understand, console and love  them. Strengthen me against my craving to be understood, to be consoled, and to be loved.  Help me crucify (stop and then put to rest) all my cravings, compulsions, and addictions.  [See full prayer at “Prayers.”] 

A personal meditative prayer of the author

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Rev. Dr. Edward Santana-Grace, PhD


Meet Edward

The author holds a BA in Philosophy, two Masters and a post Master’s teaching degree in Theology and a PhD in Moral Theology. His dissertation was on God’s Plan for Marriage in Scripture and in Creation and a Pastoral Response of the Churches. He is the current President of the Santana-Grace Institute, dedicated to teaching relationship education and communication and emotional-self regulation to people of all religious and secular persuasions.  He is also the creator of Reversing Emotional Polarity Pedagogy, (REPP, 1998)

A Brief Chronological History of the Author

A native of Pennsylvania, after a BA in Philosophy, he lived for twenty-four years in Italy before returning to the states.  Shortly after returning state side, he pursed studies at Princeton Theological Seminary and became a pastor of a local congregation in 1992. 

Marriage crises in the church led him to set out to do something to help them.  Over the next five years, he raised over $30,000 in grants to study relationship enhancement from the foremost leaders in the field so as to be able to best serve the couples and families of the church. 

This challenge to help relationships also allowed him to bring together his abilities in international consulting and bridge building across continents, across political affiliations, across business/labor and among religions with his interest in the dynamic, micro dimensions of human thinking and the skills sets and trained thinking needed to channel our emotional processes to their positive purposes.

In the process he developed an innovative program that was so highly effective that therapists in the area would sometimes send their most difficult marriages to him. Over the next thirteen years, he advised, coached and trained children, couples, teens, teachers, parents, business leaders, school administrators, elected officials, and clergy to use their new awareness and skill sets acquired from his programs to improve their personal lives, marriages, businesses and organizations and their faith journeys.   

In 2005, Edward withdrew from the active pastorate and also stopped actively training others in order to be an at-home dad to make his wife’s transition to her new job in California less stressful. He used that time to advance his research in quantum physics and neurobiology regarding the physiological and relational effects of a person’s micro interpretative thoughts.  He also thoroughly revised, Getting to Know God, a spiritual disciplines booklet he uses in his Christian, faith-based programs.

In July of 2007, he again began actively pursing his life long passion to build lasting relationship bridges in marriages and families, between  couples, among children and teens and across all religious, cultural, labor/business and political barriers.

Currently, he and his wife, Ruth, live with their youngest son, who is in high school,  in southern California. Their eldest son recently went to Rome, Italy to pursue a career option.

Edward’s  Works of This Decade

REPP is an elegantly simple and extraordinarily effective educational tool to create immediate experiential awareness of the profound effects of one’s micro and macro interpretative thoughts on the electro-chemical state of one’s brain and body and hence on the quality of one’s life.  REPP uses the new self-awareness it creates in the participants to lead them to understand clearly that it is in their own best interest to take up 100% responsibility (1) for their words and actions and also (2) for their  interpretive thoughts regarding their internal experiences and the external events of life.  REPP has been utilized successfully in the training of children, teens and adults alike.   This training also opens up the heart and mind to more readily and more fully receive the good news of the gospel.

REST: He is also the creator of an empirically based, relationship education, communication and emotional self-regulation program, Relationship Education and Skills Training (REST - 2001). This program has since been utilized to create the basic training workbooks: Making Love a Habit (2003), Vitalized Pastors/Church Leaders (2008), The Heart of Character—Winning the Inner Debate (2009). Professionals of many divergent fields and leaders of divergent faith-based communities have all attested to its effectiveness and the universality of its groundedness in all peoples. 

The Skill Sets to Master the Emotional Process: Two specific skill sets (1) Calm Living in Anxious Times and (2)  Beautiful Anger / How to Make Anger your Friend are widely used outside of the program in schools, businesses, churches, and government and by a wide variety of professionals.   The skills set, Ground Zero, has created new methods to educate people in personal responsibility and has been adapted for use with children, teens, young adults and adults.

Making Love a Habit, when taught in conjunction with the Scriptures and his scripture based workbooks—Getting to Know God and My Daily Bread, with its weekly Mind of Christ Sharing Group—equip a person, by the indwelling work of the Holy Spirit, to help them to know and to do the will of God 24/7 with the mind of Christ.

My Daily Bread: Knowing and Doing the Will of God 24/7 with the Mind of Christ  was created for active business leaders, busy homemakers, engaged elected officials, hard driving entrepreneurs, striving professionals, deeply devoted parents, dedicated teachers, determined teens, hard-working pastors, priests and steadfast church, parish and congregational leaders who want to live more effective, active, and dynamic lives that are simultaneously peaceful, compassionate, hopeful and Christ-centered in all situations. The processes and spiritual disciplines within My Daily Bread that lead to knowing and doing the will of God 24/7 with the mind of Christ, were created for these people and people like them.   [Although finalized only in 2009, My Daily Bread was conceived in 1998 and is based on a decade long series of biblical reflections, scriptural studies, testing and notes.]