Meta-Meditation--for this author--is focused, humble, faith-filled pondering on God’s word in God’s presence  about God’s character--also as manifest in Christ Jesus-- however, unlike for contemplation, there is the expressed objective of practical outcomes.  The outcomes are that you make a conscious effort to model your thoughts and character upon God’s thoughts and character. 

While there is a clear distinction between God, the Creator, and you, the creature, Scripture reveals that God created us in the image of God, in the image of Love God created us.  Therefore, while powers are different, we are created to be like God in all that reflects God’s love.  It is our nature, our true human nature--obscured by the effects of the Fall--to be  love, to be in loving conversations and relationships with God and with others.

A form of Meta-Meditation:  When God speaks to us in the Scriptures about whom we are in God’s eyes, that gives us insight into who we truly are. This author consider that as “a form of meta-meditation.”  It is not contemplation as it is not about the character of God--although it is--and it is not refined to one particular command of God about how we should think, speak or act.
This later would be “meditation.”  I have therefore termed it,  “meta-meditation.”  

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