Getting to Know God

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  [Mt 11-28-29

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Acquire a copy! Click the sun

Acquire a copy! Click the sun

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Why Written  

From pondering Scripture and God’s creation, I realized—and you have probably observed similar things:

  1. (1)that a cause of the widespread, toxic anxiety, bitterness, depression, resentment, and hatred in society is our hardness of heart toward God,

  1. (2) that this hardness of heart and mind is rooted in not knowing who God truly is and consequently not trusting God and not even knowing who we truly are,

  1. (3)that this ignorance is compounded by believing lies about who God is and who we are,

  1. (4)that we then tend to barter with God [Mt 6:7] about what we think is good for us rather than first trusting and listening attentively to God

  1. (5)that even when we do hear God’s word, we too often  forget what God said, even just a minute later.  It is exactly as the Holy Spirit warned us through James:

            Be doers of the word, and not merely hearers

            who deceive themselves. 

            Anyone who listens to the word but does not

            do what it says is like one who looks at their

            face in a mirror and, after looking at oneself,

            goes away and immediately forgets what one

            looks like.

            But the one who looks intently into the perfect

            law that gives freedom, and continues to believe

            it, not forgetting what one has heard, but

            doing it—that person will be blessed in what

            they do.  [Jas 1:22-25]

As a response to this situation, Getting to Know God, has been designed:

  1. (1)to help you “Get to Know God” for Who God Truly Is by having God speak first about who God is,

  1. (2)to help you know what God says about being truly and fully human by having God speak first and 

  1. (3)to help you develop strategies and skills to be able to keep God’s word constantly guiding you 24/7.

Good Results Indeed: If you believe without wavering that God is who God says God is in the Scriptures, God will fill your mind with Christ-like thoughts and transform your toxic anxiety, bitterness, depression, resentment, and hatred into peacefulness, joy, enthusiasm, generosity, and love. 

Even if you are in turmoil, but firmly fight though the lies that are assailing your thoughts by focusing on and believing without wavering God’s word of truth, the Holy Spirit—who has been with you in that battle—will re-center you in Christ’s peace and restore the joy of your salvation.  And you will converse ever more often with God about God’s word and God’s creation.

Optimum Results: As conviction of God’s pure goodness and the truth of God’s s word about what it means to be truly and fully human grow in your mind, faithfulness, diligence, self-control, and holiness will flourish in your heart and be visible in your daily life. Simultaneously, you will join Christ in God’s building-up actions on earth: servant congregations, just governments, harmonious work places, supportive schools, healthy, peace-filled friendships, cooperative neighborhoods, joy-filled families, and devoted marriages. 


Two Micro Spiritual Disciplines Created

To Help You

Reach the Ultimate Goal

Micro-Contemplation and Micro-Meditation

These two spiritual disciplines enable you to have numerous, minute-to-minute conversations with God each day.  These two spiritual disciplines were developed and refined for the highly active Christian.

Micro-contemplation is a brief, focused, humble, faith-filled pondering on God’s word in God’s presence about God’s character.  Brief means from a minute to three minutes max.  

Micro-meditation is the same, except the object of your pondering on God’s words about God’s will for your thoughts, words, and actions.  You’ll find that challenging but satisfying your desire for truth about yourself.

When mastered, these micro-spiritual disciplines become, by the Spirit, spiritual arts that assist in forming and sustaining the mind of Christ in you.  Ultimately, these spiritual disciplines will, by the Spirit, transform even your blink-like (millisecond) thoughts/choices into Christ-like choices and thoughts.  You’ll be so much more aware of life.

[For more information on “contemplation” and “mediation” as  understood and used in Getting to Know God, click on the links in the bar below.]

The Ultimate Goal:

Have the Mind of Christ 24/7

The ultimate goal of Getting to Know God is growth in mind-of-Christ likeness in you. “Your attitude should be that of Christ Jesus.” [Ph 2:5] This Christ-like mindfulness is created in you, by the Spirit, through serene, humble, faith-filled focus on God’s word and God’s creation.  This growth in the knowledge of God will deepen your trust in God’s pure goodness.

Undisciplined Self-Talk: Getting to Know God, also creates an awareness of your undisciplined, blink-like, self-talk and aids you, in Christ, to master this pervasive, evasive, and often destructive mental chatter. Your interpretive thoughts will become evermore like Christ’s.   Life will come alive and you will know the peace of Christ.


Scriptural Knowledge: Getting to Know God offers Scriptural knowledge about God’s character, about God loving, creating, sustaining, saving, and redeeming you and about what it means to be truly and fully human, a new creation in Christ. Knowing God in this manner will, by faith and by the Spirit, lead you to an ever more aware participation in the inner life of the Trinity. Believe it. Jesus willed it to be so.  It is part of what it means to be fully and truly human. You were created by God and redeemed by Christ Jesus so that you might be at one with God and in constant contact. [Jn 17]


The Effects Are Cumulative! 

Give It Time! 


in Christ and with the Spirit!

Research: Research shows that repetitive, focused attention/action brings about a rewiring of our brain’s neural pathways; that is, it forms new habits.

The greatest source of peace, joy, enthusiasm, generosity, and love, and consequently, 
the greatest cure for worry, depression, greed and hatred 
knowing and believing 
without wavering 
that God truly is 
who God says God is in the Scriptures!
The greatest source of peace, joy, enthusiasm, generosity, and love, and consequently, 
the greatest cure for worry, depression, greed and hatred 
knowing and believing 
without wavering 
that God truly is 
who God says God is in the Scriptures!

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